The role of peatlands in climate change mitigation

Over 500 gigatons of carbon are stored in peatlands across the globe - twice as much as the total forest biomass of the world. When drained, peatlands shift from being carbon sinks to carbon sources. Globally, drained peatlands emit ~2 Gt CO2 annually by peat fires or microbial peat oxidation, causing ~5% of all anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions. These enormous CO2 emissions can be strongly reduced by rewetting. In order to reach climate-neutrality by 2050, all drained peatlands have to be rewetted. This ambitious goal requires serious global effort but offers tremendous possibilities to keep and store carbon in peatlands as a natural climate solution.

Kinley Kinley and Oliver Jähnichen (Landscape Ecology and Nature Conservation, M.Sc)

Below you can find our 3 Minutes video abstract and our poster. Feel free to leave a comment or a question about the presented concepts!

Video abstract

Poster contribution

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