The Global Carbon Cycle – and its role in climate change

Carbon is everywhere: in oceans, rocks and soils, all forms of life, and our atmosphere. Carbon in our atmosphere is mainly in the form of carbon dioxide, acts as a greenhouse gas, and is one of the main drivers of human induced global climate change. But where does the carbon come from and where does it go? This poster deals with these questions by giving a general overview on the global carbon cycle, which can be split into two sub-cycles: a fast organic and a slow inorganic one. The poster also looks at anthropogenic impacts on the carbon cycle.

Ayush Adhikari

MSc. Landscape ecology and Nature Conservation 

Levin Wiedenroth
MSc. Landscape ecology and Nature Conservation 

Below you can find our 3 Minutes video abstract and our poster. Feel free to leave a comment or a question about the presented concepts!

Video abstract

Poster contribution