Lessons learned on Climate Change Education: How to move from Science to Action? 

Current climate change education resides primarily in a content-led type of learning focused on scientific knowledge transfer. But, transmitting knowledge alone is not enough to ensure environmentally responsible behavior. We argue that science-based climate change education is failing to achieve meaningful change by neglecting the complexities of climate change as a socio-scientific issue. A more holistic climate change education that considers the social, political, cultural, and economic dimensions of climate change, beyond the scientific phenomenon, is needed. To do so, we recommend four basic components of a meaningful climate change education.

Ekaterina Gualoto and Anna Winterberg (Landscape Ecology and Nature Conservation, M.Sc)

Below you can find our 3 Minutes video abstract and our poster. Feel free to leave a comment or a question about the presented concepts!

Video abstract

Poster contribution

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